Manual Barriers

The manual raise arm barrier is a low maintenance cost effective way of controlling access to unauthorised areas. Covering road ways spanning up to 7.0 metres. The design also comes with a spring loaded locking mechanism allowing you to fix the barrier in the raised and lowered position prior to applying the padlock. Also it incorporates a counter balanced fish tail weight which is fine tuned for ease of operation. Dual barriers are available with a central locking mechanism to suit wider spans. The barriers come complete with a lock-able end rest, padlock and keys.No mounting plate is required as M16 anchor shield bolts are also included.

Swing Access Gate

The Access Swinging Gate provides an ideal low cost solution to a wide variety of parking, road access and traffic management requirements for locations or situations where a fully automated barrier or gate entry system is either not necessary or not cost effective. Available as Single or Double leaf versions, in either Standard or Heavy Duty box section the gates are constructed from high quality steel hollow box section. This robust structure means it is ideally employed in unmanned areas where there is a requirement for low volume traffic control. This durable hard-working gate can be locked in either the open or closed position via an additional latch post or padlock respectively, providing excellent security to any specified area when required. The PF5700 can be supplied with an additional latch post to lock in the open position, complete with padlocks.

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